Sunday, 22 June 2014

Memebox June Discount Links

Memebox Discount Links

Save $3.00 off these boxes when you use my affiliate links. Discount will appear in your cart. As long as they are a different box, you can stack the discount.
Also, Promo code MEMEBOXKIIP will get you $10 off. TRYMEMEBOX will get you $15 off.


  1. I'm not quite sure how do I use the last option for the additional 3 bucks off... :)

  2. According to memebox's email, you will need to purchase $70 plus items and "The additional $3 off discount for promotional boxes can only be applied when you purchase them with more than 1 non-promotional box.". I think it is not a big discount, but everything helps, and there is no code needed.

    1. Oh, I tried to use it with only one non-promotional box... So, it will be better to state these things in the post above :)