Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tanda Clear+ Professional Device Review

I purchased the Tanda Clear+ Professional Acne Clearing Device (costed $174.99 before tax) from Costco online a few months ago after reading various good reviews. Personally I do not have lots of breakout, but when I do, it really annoys me.

This systems comes with a nice feature, where you can change the luxe treatment head to make it a Rejuvenation Device. Since it is kind of like a 2 in 1 skincare device, I figure I will give it a try. I purchased my Rejuvenation treatment head (cost around $75 before tax) from another website.

This device is cordless and it is rechargeable. It takes around 3 hours to charge to full, but if you cannot wait for it to charge, you can use it with the cord on. I have read reviews where people complained about battery life, but so far, the battery is still working fine for me. To start the treatment, you have to press the start button on the side and press the top (side with the many dots) to your skin. When you starts the device a LED light will come on with a gentle sonic vibration (It will get warmer as you use the device but it won't get hot). The Blue LED light helps with breakout, and the Red LED light is for anti-aging. I do not use this device everyday because it do take some time to do the treatment. Therefore, I usually use it as needed. I do see a difference with my breakout after I use the blue LED, usually they die a lot faster (in most cases, my breakout disappear the next day). Also, I do notice a difference with the red LED as well, my wrinkles do become less noticeable after use.

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