Sunday, 6 July 2014

How to leave a flight looking better than when you got on it

I hear a lot of people complaining about flying because it is horrible for your skin. It is true, being on the flight usually makes skin feels dry or oily. My friends are usually amaze at my flight routine and even laugh about it. However, I am the one that always feels great and look good after landing. So I can care less about how I look while I am on the plane.

Here is a few tips to from me

  1. The night before you fly, do a nice Exfoliates on your skin; face and body. Use a hydrating face mask and body butter for the rest. It is important to have good skin before you fly, else you will get really dry and flicky.
  2. Wear your most comfortable clothes for the flight. I usually wear running pants, cotton t-shirt and layer a large scarf. Large scarf is great because sometimes, it gets really cold in the airport or on the flight. 
  3. Do your usually skin care routine but Do not wear makeup before you get on the flight, well maybe lipstick.
  4. Bring your favorite music
  5. After you are on the flight, put on eye gel and hand cream.
  6. If the flight is longer than 5 hours, I suggest using another sheet mask
  7. Take naps as much as you can
  8. 30 min before you land, use blotting paper on your face and apply face cream.
  9. Put on some body lotions for your arms.
  10. After skin is all freshen up, you can apply a simple BB or CC cream, and other makeup as needed. I suggest using as little as you can.
  11. The 1st night after you landed, do a sleep in mask or apply a sleep pack.

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