Thursday, 17 July 2014

Memebox Birthday Box Review

Okay, when I got the email that my memebox was waiting at the condo, I was super excited. I have been looking forward to the birthday box for days... weeks... Aren't it so cute? It is wrap very different from the usual Memebox and all the products within this box belong to one brand only I belivyu. I rate this box a 4.5/5.

I tried two products already; face cleanser and sugar Scrub. It smells very nice.. and the texture is different.

Product List:

  1. i belivyu All In One Hair & Body Wash: This product is a little disappointing. The bump just doesn't work and it is basically a regular body wash (doesn't smell amazing). 
  2. i belivyu Cube Sparkling Lemon Sugar Scrub: I found this product interesting and over priced. I am glad I tried it from a Memebox. There are only 7 sugar cubes per tube, and if you are using it as a bath, it request the entire tube.
  3. i belivyu Powder Wash Vitamin Face Cleanser:  Interesting texture and it is a fun cleanser. 
  4. i belivyu Hand Cream x 4: My favorite products in this box. I do like all the hand creams, and the size is small enough to carry in my bag. My favorite one is the purple flower one. 

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