Thursday, 24 July 2014

Memeshop Benton Snail Bee Collection

My Benton purchases came in today. I am super excited to try all these products. I told people at work about it because I am super excited to try this line of skin are products. Read a lot of good reviews about it. They all think I will get an allergic reaction but so far so good. I tested it on my skin, and it's good. Not weird smell like some snail creams.

Updates: After using these products for more than a week, I can say this is product line works and for this price to get this result, it is really good. I got it from the Memebox shop sale and each bottle costed around $10 USD each, paid $95 USD for everything in that picture. Anyhow, my pimple marks disappeared faster than usual and smiling lines (recently learn that term) is less noticeable. Note, I only use these products once per day (at night because the steam cream is very creamy/thick). Will I buy these products again? YES

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