Friday, 22 August 2014

Memebox Special #24 Brightening Skincare Spoiler and Review

My Brightening box finally arrived today. Since most people already received this box, I have already seen spoiler online. It is not a "disappointing" box but somehow, it feels something is lacking. I will give this box a 4/5 score because the box do contain almost everything you need for your face. If it contain a cleanser too, it would of been perfect. The box itself isn't bad. There are many useful items. There are only 5 items in this box. Yes only 5 only. It is for sure less than the usual 7 items in most Memebox.

Product List:

  1. ISPREN Magic Eye Solution Wise Patch - I was really disappointed that there was only 1 in the box.
  2. Finco Solution Spot
  3. CLEOSIS ALl in One Water Shining Finisher
  4. Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ 97 Essence
  5. Dermahouse Perfect Whitening Moisture Mask

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