Saturday, 27 December 2014

Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You Spoiler and a little Review

2nd Thanksgiving box is meant to be for me to give to someone else...However, since I am the only weird one that I know.  The one that tries on all Korean Skin Products.. I guess this box is for me as well.

Product List:

  1. Vivito Illust Lumiere Primer
  2. Share Share Miracle Multi Cream
  3. Shara Shara Brush Set:  This set is better than I imagine. nothing fall out when I tested the brush so far.
  4. Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm
  5. Peripera heart Glow Stick 02 Gold Aura
  6. shyan Nail Lacquer: base on your luck, you will end up with 1 of the following colour - Blue Violet, Neon Green, Pink Lady, Neon Purple. I am lucky to get my favorite colour purple.
  7. Saracen Fluorescent Glitter
  8. Pure Smile Essence Mask Sheet x 2: These mask smells very nice and for the price it is great.

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