Friday, 26 September 2014

Jolse Korean Cosmetic Store Haul

I was very impressed by Jolse's shipping. Compare to my last 3 orders from various Korean Cosmetic Store, this one is the only one with packaging that wasn't falling apart.

Although, I spend the least amount of money (compare to the other orders I placed in other stores) it came with the most samples too. Also came with the nose thingy as a gift for buying $20 worth of items.

It was really easy to order on Jolse. Also, their site works well on iPad (a big plus from me because I love shopping on my iPad while I am laying in bed being lazy).

Price: Although, the products on the site do charge more than other Korean beauty site, but it offer free shipping. It is great when I want to place small order like this one. I got AC Spot Control thingy from It's Skin and a AC spot pen thingy. I do like both products so far.

Shipping: I am happy with the shipping. I know it will take around 15 days to get to me. my only complaint is "free" shipping do not include tracking number. If I want tracking number I had to pay extra. Which I decided not to because if I had to pay extra for tracking, I might as well buy from another site.

Order placed date: September 1st
Shipping tracking received date: September 3rd
Package received date: September 18th

Final thought: Overall, I like my shopping experience from Jolse and will order from them again.

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