Friday, 26 September 2014

Memebox Special #37 Wake Up Makeup Spoiler

When I opened this box, I was a little disappointed. I know it is a makeup box but it just didn't wow me at all. Yes some packaging is cute but something feels missing. Good thing there was a bonus gift in there to make this box better. Maybe I am being too hard on this box because I am overwhelm by how amazing the My Honey Box is.

Anyway, I picked up this box because I needed to bundle it to have express shipping for my honey box, not for the box itself. I know it is kinda of bad of me to pick up a box knowing that I will not use the products inside. You see, I am not a makeup person.... My usual makeup is only CC Cream and lipstick because it takes like 2 min max. I think I am just too lazy to spend the time on it. However, don't worry I have a girl friend that can make good use of them.

The box is a lot smaller than our usual Memebox. I guess it make sense because most products inside are just makeup items. Some of the items inside the box is pretty adorable. Specially the Babyface Young Girl Gel Eye Liner. They even put wings on it. Its really cute.

Product List:

  1. Bbia Downy Cheek
  2. It's Skin Babyface Young Girl Gel Eye Liner- 02 Purple Black
  3. Royal Nature The Original Soothing Blemish Balm
  4. Shara Shara Creamy Dual Auto Eye Stick
  5. Cheek Room Two Color Lip Gloss
  6. Shara Shara Glitter Pearl Powder

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