Friday, 12 September 2014

RoseRoseShop Haul

This is from my first purchase from Roseroseshop and it wasn't too bad. I wanted to get some stuff for my friend's birthday coming up (those cute hand creams) and this is the place with the best price. The package came with 4 samples.

The website is a little confusing and it does not work well with my iPad. I cannot go into my cart and pay when I am on my iPad, which sucks. Since anyone that knows me, know that I carry my iPad with me everywhere, and I use apps for everything. Anyway, so I always needs to go to a PC to place a Roseroseshop order.

Prices: I really like the prices on this site, just the shipping cost.... It is stopping me from buying more. The shipping cost is by weight and for some reason, those tiny things in that picture's shipping cost was $13.81 USD.

Shipping: Similar to my WishTrend order, this package was in very bad condition. I find it weird that this is happening because all my Memebox orders, the packages always comes in perfect condition (it is usually Memebox products inside the box is damage).

Anyway, I still remember picking this package up yesterday at my condo front desk, and the security person said "I hope things in there is okay" Yes the package was in a weird shape, and I am surprised nothing is damage when I open the box.

Order Date: August 22nd
Shipping tracking received Date: August 25th
Package Received Date: September 11th

Final thought: Since I have a shopping addiction, I will for sure order from them again because of the price. I can't resist those prices. I just need to convince myself the shipping cost is worth it.

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