Friday, 12 September 2014

Wishtrend Haul

Well I did a little shopping on Wish Trend recently and decided to share my first impression of this company.

First, I heard about them via an online forum, and decided to give it a try because I really needed those Skinmiso thingy. If you have not try those Skinmiso pore beauty pack, you are missing out a lot. It works and it is painless. Memebox gave me a 3 weeks trail and oddly enough, they didn't carry them in their memeshop, Thus, I had to look for another place that sells it.

Their website is very user friendly and it works great on my iPad. They offer free shipping for purchase over $69.

Price: The prices aren't bad, specially with their beauty steal items and wish box. So far, I have tried all the items you see in this picture, and I am very please with all of the products. They do not give as much free sample as other Korean online companies. Most of those sample packets you see in the picture are not free samples, it is from trail kits I purchase.

The shipping package condition: I was really surprised that nothing in the box was damaged considered the shape of the box was really bad. There were holes in on the cardboard box and the box was like all soft when it got to my door.

Order Date: August 17th
Shipment tracking email received Date: August 21st
Order arrival Date: September 2nd

Final thought: I will most likely buy from them again in the future. Wishtrend offer things that I cannot get in other online store. However, since the packaging was so bad, I will be afraid to try to order things that may break.

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