Friday, 17 October 2014

Memebox Princess Edition #1 - Snow White spoiler and review

I really really love this Memebox (5/5 rating). I don't even remember how much I pay for it but I believe the First Essence by Original raw is well worth the box. The packaging is really cute. Depending on your lucky, you can receive the Red Essence or Vitamin one. I got the Vitamin one.

As you can see this is a brightening and even skin tone box. Everything is full size and according to the description card in the box, this box is worth $188. I think the price might be a little over estimated but as I said before the First Essence already paid for the box itself.
Product List:

  1. Nella Fantasia Oneday Whitener: this is a whitening lotion for body. Since I have really fair skin, can't see much difference.
  2. Original raw First Essence: This is an all in one product (toner, essence and lotion). Since I am a lazy person, I really like all in one products that save time in the morning. It say it only need 2-3 drops to pat all over my face. I might have used too much....
  3. Faceflux Anti-Wrinkle Revitalizing Cream: As the name suggested, this is an anti-wrinkle cream. I will be passing it to my mom. So I will update her result in a few weeks.
  4. Daltokki Whitening Essence: According to this essence, I am suppose to mix this with my cream or BB cream. 
  5. Ipsennature 5 seeds Apple Water brightening Scrub: I really like this scrub, it have a nice smell to it, but I am not sure if I will ever follow the 5 min instruction because the seeds in this product aren't very fine. I only need to massage on my face once and within seconds, I feel I can wash off this scrub. 
  6. Morningtree Revitalizing Whitening Deep Spot: This is the first time I got a spot treatment thingy with tiny rolling balls on it. it is kinda unique. 

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