Saturday, 1 November 2014

Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014

I just picked up the Limited Edition 2014 Advent Calendar from Body Shop. I am so happy that I manage to get one this year because it is already sold out online. So ladies if you haven't got one via online, good luck finding one in store.

This one costed $50 and with the 10% membership discount, it came a little over $50 with 13% HST tax. According to their website, it is a $98 value. So I am excited to open this in December.

Finally finished opening this Advent Calendar, I like how each day comes with a quote (some are meaningful). However, I wish there is less repeats. There are like 3 heart shape soap inside this thing... a little too much. However, I do enjoy this advent calendar..because the travel size mini will come in handy.

The following is the list of quotes for each day:

  1. A series of surprise are on the way!
  2. Good thing take time - be patient
  3. Show a friend you care and see them smile
  4. A new day is a new chance, do something amazing
  5. Now is your time to shine!
  6. Get ready - you'll be the life and soul of the party tonight
  7. You have a place in someone's heart
  8. You have plenty of admirers today, keep the mistletoe handy!
  9. Give someone a helping hand - you'll soon be rewarded
  10. Don't forget the detail
  11. Follow your heart
  12. Spoil someone special, they deserve it
  13. Your hard work will soon be rewarded
  14. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others
  15. A good night's sleep is essential tonight!
  16. The more seeds you sow, the more flowers will blossom
  17. Don't be a wallflower today, enjoy the limelight!
  18. Believe in yourself and your wishes will come true
  19. Your smile bring great joy to others
  20. Your dreams are within your reach
  21. Do one thing today that makes you happy
  22. Treat others as you wish to be treated
  23. Make time for your family today, they will appreciate it
  24. Your Christmas wishes are about to come true

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  1. Waiting for daily updates on the advent calendar!