Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Memebox Special #42 OMG 3 Spoiler and Review

I will give this box 4/5 score. This Memebox box lacks OMG factor but I really like it because I will use the products inside.

The most OMG item in the box was the spoiler posted by Memebox on their facebook; Donkey Oil Mist (The green and yellow thingy). The winner of this box are The Bee Venom and Honey Cream, and Pore Tightening Pack. Yes those 2 products the reason I like this box.

Product List:

  1. On the Body Makeolli Soap
  2. Cleomee Three-Layer Perfume Donkey Oil Mist: ok.. I had high hopes for this oil mist. However, it did not live up to my expectation at all. The smell is horrible. To me the smell is like expired cosmetic product. The texture is like any other oil spray. It turns into a milky green after you shake the bottle. I am not sure how effective it is but I don't think I will use it again. 
  3. Migabee Bee Venom & Honey Cream
  4. Tonymoly Delight Tint Crayon
  5. Tosowoong Platinum Tightening Pack : this tightening pack surprised me with its bloody red colour. It have a very strong herb smell that isn't unbearable. I do like the result after using it. 

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