Thursday, 15 October 2015

Julep October 2015 Mystery Box Review - Night Lights Mystery Box

As usual I am disappointed in the mystery box. I am not sure why I keep buying them. Damn the 1 colour that always lure me in spending the money for it. This box cost $24.99 USD. For sure the item inside the box worth more than $24.99 but I do misses the old days when it was under $20 for a mystery box.

This time the mystery box came in a HUGE box. Since the weight was so little, I figure it was fill with paper filler, and it was. I used a promo code to get the Pile Wand free since my last one decided to fall apart. Yes the glue that glue the wand together just decided to stop working.

Inside the box there are 5 polishes, 1 fluid eye glider (in black), and 1 luxe up your lip tinted conditioning lip treatment. 

The nail polish colours are - Corinne, Brandy, Brenna, Jess, and Margot.  Brenna is beautiful! I cannot wait to try it. 

I have not try their fluid eye glider and since I am not a makeup person, I cannot give much comment on it. 

The Luxe up your lip tint - I really dislike this product because it separates. Not sure if this happens to anyone else. The product inside just separate and the colour will faint with a very odd smell. It happened to me twice already. 1st time, I was thinking I must have opened and the product must have expired on my desk. So I ordered a 2nd one but soon after I received it, without even opening the product, it separated as well. 

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