Sunday, 4 October 2015

September 2015 empties

It have been awhile since I wrote a blog post. So I decided to start off with products that I finished in September. Well the last 2 weeks of September.

I will start from the top left corner of the picture.

Bliss lemon + sage body butter: I fell in love with this brand when I was traveling in the States, while I stayed at W hotel. They had this brand in their washroom and had a Bliss spa at the hotel.  I couldn't get enough of their products while I was there, and ended up buying some for home. This product is very rich and is perfect for the harsh Canadian winter. I personally love the smell but I have met people that dislike it a lot because it have a sage smell to it. I will try and buy any products from Bliss :)

Dewytree Aqua keeper panda mask: yup the mask have a panda pattern. That is the reason I purchased it. The size of the mask is a little smaller than the average Korean mask. It works great, but I think it was not worth paying the extra for the panda pattern.

Dewytree honey moist black sheet mask: I love this honey mask. It's simple. 20 min on my face and it fixes all my dry and redness issue. I usually put it on my face before I go to sleep and I always wake up looking great even with little sleep the night before. I always keep extra one in my mask box.

Body shop honey & oat 3in 1 scrub mask: the mask smells great but it is a messy face mask. I find it hard to clean up for a facial mask. Therefore I have used it as a body scrub instead. I will most likely will not purchase this again.

Julep luxe care hand cream: honestly I haven't finished this product but I think it expired already. I have always loved julep products .. Even when there are times I did not like their customer service and I find it crazy that their skincare/body product are usually not full. Note, their customer service have improved a lot. It's just I remember the old times. Anyhow, I got this hand cream as a set with some oil of them. Yes that expired too.. Smells pretty bad when I tossed it. I remember this product did worked and there was a time I liked it. However, it isn't something I will purchase again.

Body shop papaya body butter: I really really love body shop products. I like most of the smells, plus I think their stuff really works. Like half of my shower and body products are from them. It is something I will buy again in a sale. 

Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate: to me this product reminds me of the Korean facial oil but with a much higher price tag. I am glad I got this as a sample. 

Mac amplified cream lipstick: I love this lipstick. It stays on great and it never tries up my lips. I usually get their lip gloss from this brand.. It's more like the only makeup I uses are lip products. I am  a big believer that less is more and I am too lazy to wake up earlier to apply makeup. 

The face shop hwansaenggo gold cream:  this cream is very rich and have a strong herbal smell. I don't mind this smell as long as it works.. Since it works.. Yeah! It's something that I will be willing to buy a full size.

Missha all around safe block 50: non grasses plus have a high spf. I used the sample on my face and I feel it works great. It have a higher spf than my innisfree one. So I might consider switching to this after my bottle is done. 

Mizon water max aqua gel cream: I did like this sample from roseroseshop. It is for sure something I will look into buying in the future.

Innisfree volcanic nose pack: I have an habbit of using nose pack once a week and this one of often my go to one. It is easy to find online, works great, good price.

Tatcha ageless enriching renewal cream: I adore this brand. I like the story behind how it started, I love their products, and I love what they are doing.  Only thing I don't like is the price it cost to ship to Canada. It is something that I can only buy when I travel to the states.  The sample I finished works great, and I have a full size waiting to be open. :)

HolikaHolika good cera super cream: it's an average cream, not something I will buy a full size.

DermaLift intensiderm Aqua rich cream: it have a light blue colour but goes on clear. Helps with my dry ski for sure. I really like it, but I cannot find a place that sells it.

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