Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Memebox Superbox #55 Free From oil & Trouble 4 Un-boxing

This is my first Free from oil and Trouble Memebox. I never really have skin trouble issues until recently due to work stress. So you can imagine me going into a little panic mode when I have pimples on my face and went on a hunt for Korean products that can cure my skin troubles.

Anyhow, one of the thing I got was this box. I like the good mix of products in this box. Kinda a little something for everyday needs. As well as products just for the time when you really need it; the pink powder thingy.

The box cost $32 with $6.99 shipping. According to the description card, this box worth $161. As usual, I expect the price to be a little memebox inflated but I am sure it is worth more than what I have paid for.
Product List:

  1. insobeau Acnic Blemish Spot Solutions: I love these things because they are like little magical pink powder that killes the red spots and blemishes. 
  2. Pro You Aroma AC Cream
  3. The Skin House Dr. Clear Magic Toner
  4. Benenet Herb & Bee AC Control Serum
  5. Lindsay Linzy Egg Pack
  6. ideeB Goodbye Oil Pact

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