Saturday, 22 November 2014

Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #1 For Me Spoiler and a little review

Even though I have already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving last month, I decided that I can also treat myself to a American Thanksgiving treat by getting the Thanksgiving Box Collection from Memebox. Both boxes are a lot better than what I expect. The bundle costed $52 USD plus $6.99 shipping. It is a great value. 

Product List:
  1. Clio Virgin Kiss Tinted Lip #22 Electric: It is a very bright orange lipstick. Not sure if I can pull it off. LOL!
  2. Jaminkyung Cokmul Care Ultra Ampoule Toner: this is a unique toner that blend whole grain and camellia oil. Sounds amazing, can't wait to try it. 
  3. 803 Cream: I was really lucky to get the Neck cream instead of the booster cream for my body parts... Depending on your luck, you might get 1 of 3 903 cream; Palzza Cream, Sam N Cream and Young Cream. Palzza Cream  is to firm up cream for smile lines (facial cream). Sam N Cream is the one for neckline. Young Cream is the booster cream for body. 
  4. Sally's Box - 3 gel masks and one regular sheet mask. The gel mask is a 2 piece mask, which I like a lot, but I know a lot of people dislike it because it is harder to keep it on your face. 
  5. Tonymol;y Hello Bunny Perfume Bar: I find this perfume bar a little too strong. I can clearly smell sandalwood, musk, rose, but I can't smell the lemon citrus. Personally I like perfume with a sweater smell. 
  6. Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Form: this is another foaming facial cleanser. 
  7. Pisteo Bright and Pure C Serum: This is a sample size because the full size suppose to have 4 bottles and I was really surprised by the price tag of $100.  It is a Vitamin C concentrate serum. 

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Memebox Luckybox #10 Un-boxing and a little review.

My Luckybox 10 finally arrived on Friday. It cost $23 with $6.99 shipping. Since this box only have 1 repeat for me, this is a great deal. Although I wish the Blithe Patting Water are not sample packs. However, I am glad they gave like 6 of those for me to try.

Product list:

  1. Dr. MJ Bee Tox Control Cream
  2. Mstar Malus Intensive Hair Treatment
  3. The Skin House Aloe Water Mist: This mist is more like a spray.... not sure if this make sense. It feels very heavy and after using it, you can see the water on your face. I will not use this on top of make-up. Anyhow, on positive note, this mist is very hydrating and its makes my skin very soft. 
  4. Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence: Many of you may already know that I like Benton Snail products and already own many since did a huge purchase during one of Memebox Benton Sale. I personally only like to use this product as part of my once a week night skincare routine. Mainly because I have so many other products to try. 
  5. E choice Snow Brightening Body Cream
  6. Beauty People Miss 100 Auto Gel Pencil Liner
  7. Blithe Patting Water Pack (sample)
This month's $5 off promo code is 5YFVLP (Sadly they added an extra restriction. you can only use this code on $30 or more before tax and shipping purchases.

$10 off $50: SUDWG3

Body Shop Advent Calendar 2014

I just picked up the Limited Edition 2014 Advent Calendar from Body Shop. I am so happy that I manage to get one this year because it is already sold out online. So ladies if you haven't got one via online, good luck finding one in store.

This one costed $50 and with the 10% membership discount, it came a little over $50 with 13% HST tax. According to their website, it is a $98 value. So I am excited to open this in December.

Finally finished opening this Advent Calendar, I like how each day comes with a quote (some are meaningful). However, I wish there is less repeats. There are like 3 heart shape soap inside this thing... a little too much. However, I do enjoy this advent calendar..because the travel size mini will come in handy.

The following is the list of quotes for each day:

  1. A series of surprise are on the way!
  2. Good thing take time - be patient
  3. Show a friend you care and see them smile
  4. A new day is a new chance, do something amazing
  5. Now is your time to shine!
  6. Get ready - you'll be the life and soul of the party tonight
  7. You have a place in someone's heart
  8. You have plenty of admirers today, keep the mistletoe handy!
  9. Give someone a helping hand - you'll soon be rewarded
  10. Don't forget the detail
  11. Follow your heart
  12. Spoil someone special, they deserve it
  13. Your hard work will soon be rewarded
  14. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others
  15. A good night's sleep is essential tonight!
  16. The more seeds you sow, the more flowers will blossom
  17. Don't be a wallflower today, enjoy the limelight!
  18. Believe in yourself and your wishes will come true
  19. Your smile bring great joy to others
  20. Your dreams are within your reach
  21. Do one thing today that makes you happy
  22. Treat others as you wish to be treated
  23. Make time for your family today, they will appreciate it
  24. Your Christmas wishes are about to come true