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My subscription box addiction started on May 2013, when I started to buy way too many nail polishes from Julep. I just wanted to have all the colours of the rainbow and more. I noticed that I have too much when 2 nail polish storage units wasn't enough to store all of them.

I am not longer a Julep nail polish addict because of many bad experience with them. Which is a shame since I really liked their nail polish and products but their customer service is so bad that I decided that it is no longer worth it.

100+ nail polishes and a year of Julep and Birchbox later, I came across Memebox and this addiction is even more extreme than others. I am so glad I found this box. Since I am not committed to one box per month, and they keep posting new boxes and nice promotion codes. I ended up buying much more than I expected. Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome deal, and the box always have the value. Also, their products have keep my skin glowing and amazing.

Beside having a subscription box addiction, I am a MMO gamer and spend most of my free time at night (After I get home from work and dinner) playing video games. I am kind of a closet gamer to most people I know in my real life. However, I do shop online when I am gaming, most of my guildie noticed that when I go silent on voice, it usually means I am buying something online.

Since I love receiving mails (I am surprise my mailman have not left me a note telling me I order too much stuff from internet), subscription box is the perfect addiction for me. One of my co-worker at work suggested that I started blogging because I order too many things online. So here I am... trying to start a blog.

Note: I am still in the search for more awesome subscription box. So if there is one that you love and think it is a great buy. Please let me know.

- Eva

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