Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Motorola smart nursery dream machine review

My experience with this product is a very present one. It is very easy to use, I did not even need to read the user manual. Though I read online, some people had connection issue when setting up the wifi. However, I personally did not experience that problem. Just follow the app instruction when you add the device. I only downloaded the Smart Nursery app, plug in the device, added the device on the app, connect to Wifi and it was up and running. 

This machine is a part of the Motorola smart nursery system, so you can add various smart nursery products to the app.

The app will show the temperature and humidity of the room. You can set sound detection/trigger; where you can set to turn on the mood lighting, music or projection when it detect sounds. Make sure your phone volume is not at max, I felt it works best when volume is at the middle. Moreover, you have control over audio monitoring, projection, music and light via the app. You can set notifications to your phone when sound trigger the device or the temperature/humidity are not within your range setting.

The light is really cute, you get to pick different light colours; you have choice of 6 colours. The music and projector is kind of limited because there is a limited of 10 songs and they give you a few desks for the projector. FYI in order for the projection image to move, you must lock in the desk. Also, It 
does plays the music in a loop until you turn it off, or when timers goes off. 

I do not think the limited music and image are the deal breaker. I think the machine is a really good white noise machine for the baby. However, hopefully they will allow people to download more songs/sounds in the future. 

I give the product a 4/5 rating. The only reason i did not give it a 5 stars is I experience audio monitoring issue. When I experience issue with the audio features, where there is an echo sound when I tried to listen or talk via the app and device. I called Motorola's customer service and their customer service rep is very good. We trouble shoot together and she offered solutions. I will give their support team a 5/5 because she is very professional and really listened.